5 Signs Your Credit Union's Website Needs to be Updated

A recent study by the Pew Research Center for Internet states that 50% of local searches are carried out on mobile devices, and that 80% of consumers will abandon a site if they find it hard to navigate. How does your site stack up?

When was the last time you looked at your website? Your current members and potential members may be looking at your site on a daily basis; if it's not working properly they may be abandoning the site before they get what they came for. Go ahead take a look at every page - is the content up to date, does it use current coding, and - the hottest of hot buttons - is it optimized for SEO? It's your website, your credit union, your time, but we're here to help.

Here are the top 5 common indicators that your website needs an update:

5. Broken links – 404 Pages

Broken links are like broken highways, no one likes to wind up at a dead end and backtrack. They make everyone angry and lessen your brand's credibility.

When scanning your credit union's website to determine if you are in need of an update, start simple. Yes the content exists, but can you get to it? If you click a link and end up with a "Page Not Found," something is wrong! Do not panic, we can easily fix this problem. If you know you need a website revamp and you are nodding along with us right now, Click to ask for a free website estimate.

Now imagine if that link took you to an error page, and you had to backtrack to find how to contact us. Would you trust our ability to build your website? Would you trust us at all? Would you move on to another site? We know we would.

4. Out-dated contact information

Convenience is key. If you forgot to update your credit union's address change or addition, telephone number or email address on your site, you're losing out on potential members. We have seen this in a large percentage of sites. Many were completely unaware that potential members were reaching out for information and receiving "this phone number is no longer available" messages. To emphasize convenience, we also suggest that a map is available on your site so that members may locate your branch(s) and get driving directions.

3. A good website does not need an instruction manual

Many people like sudoku puzzles and brain teasers, but they should not be forced to complete one just to find information on your credit union's website.

You should never have to show a customer how to use your website. You want to be simple, honest, and professional.

The only comment you want to hear about your website is: "I found out about your credit union through your website and I would like to become a member."

2. Can you easily update content on your website without having to call your webmaster?

SK Advertising+Design can make this part painless for you by using our proprietary content management system (CMS). If you can use Microsoft Word you can update your site.

In the past, designers could charge for small changes because the process was mystifying and confusing to their clients. We'd rather let you control the day-to-day postings, if you'd like. Content updates for your website can be as easy as logging into your CMS, editing or adding content, then clicking "Save." In minutes, your site is updated.

1. Mobile friendly equals customer friendly

When your redeveloped credit union website goes live, the first thing you will want to do is share it with co-workers and members. If they are viewing it on a smartphone or tablet, does it fully display without the need to zoom and swipe from side to side to be read? If not, this fix is simple: When developing your site, take the few extra steps to make it mobile friendly.

Being mobile-friendly does not just mean that your website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. A website that is responsive is designed specifically for smaller screens, allowing convenient navigation via larger touch-screen icons. Mobile-friendly sites tend to display only relevant information and content for faster loading times and an uncluttered appearance.


So there you have it. Five ways to tell if your credit union's website needs to be updated. We usually check about twenty-five things when analyzing a client's website, but of course we won't share all of them here!

If you are still unsure if you need to upgrade your website, submit your credit union's website for a free website evaluation. We will return to you an honest evaluation of your current website and provide you with recommendations for achieving the online success your credit union deserves.

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