Coordinating Your Compliance Strategy During a Website Redesign

Coordinate Compliance During a Web Redesign

So your Credit Union has decided to update your website! The next step is to decide which company to hire for your redesign. You’ll most likely start by considering factors such as budget, experience, hosting capabilities – and of course, timeline. 

Now that the decision has been made to start this project, you’ll want to launch your new site as soon as possible. Most sites take anywhere from 60-180 days to complete. Even when the web developer has finished their part, most credit unions will need to send their sites to counsel to review for compliance issues. This can hold up your site for another 30 days or more – and rack up hourly charges with your web developer as you go through the re-editing process.

Although there are several website development companies that build sites with current compliance standards in mind, this does not take the place of a website compliance review from a company armed with extensive knowledge of financial regulations and industry best practices.

That’s why Credit Union Web Design has partnered with Policyworks LLC to review for compliance issues while the site is being built. This collaborative approach helps credit unions to identify areas of risk during the web design process, keeping the timeline and edits to a minimum.

We’ll coordinate the timing and workflow of your project to ensure that your new site is ready to go as soon as possible, with the peace of mind that your site has been reviewed by a team of experienced professionals.

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