What the New .creditunion Domain Means to You

If you’ve ever thought about shortening your credit union’s web address to make it easier to remember or type, or the one that you wanted was previously unavailable, this might be your chance.

CUNA announced this year that the new Internet domain name just for credit unions, .creditunion (dot credit union) has been approved.  There are just a few more steps before it becomes available for credit unions' use, most likely later in 2014.

How does this news impact your credit union?

Under the current system where .com and .org have been the most popular options, credit union marketers often had to get creative in creating a relevant domain name.

It’s no secret that a simple, keyword-rich web address not only helps you to stand out in searches, it also boosts your position in organic search results and supports your reputation as a reliable source of information.

Understanding this new extension and keeping an eye on its progress is a great chance to get a foot in the door right at the beginning of something big.  Click here to continue to receive news about this new domain extension and how it can impact your credit union, such as:

  • How will SEO rankings be affected?
  • How to Choose a New Domain Name
  • Domain Migration
  • Should you change domain names during a site redesign?

You can read the entire CUNA article here:  


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