Social Media is a Tool, Not a Marketing Campaign

Have you abandoned your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram posts because your credit union felt there was not enough ROI to substantiate your efforts?  Have you not even gotten to it yet, because of the time commitment it takes? Yes, to do it right, Social Media takes time, but what if you were just looking at it from the wrong angle?

What if you considered Social Media as a tool, not a marketing campaign? A way to amplify your offline efforts, and to meet your members where they are? A way to listen to what your members are saying about you, in real time?

Social Media as an Engagement Tool

The focus of your social media strategy should be to inform and entertain your followers, not to boost your marketing agenda. Instead, post relevant content in varying media formats, focused on what your audience finds interesting: community events, financial tips and news about your credit union. Inform them of innovations in the banking industry, link to helpful content that isn't your own. Showcase your team members’ accomplishments.

When your members start to see your credit union as a trusted source, and get to know the people behind the desks, that’s when the magic happens!

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Social media isn’t just a megaphone to broadcast what you want to say - it’s also a great customer service tool. Really listening to what your followers are saying will go a long way to understanding their expectations and motivations, and help you to serve them better.

Being able to communicate with your members online is priceless, and the true value is found in transparent conversations with your with your followers.

With this transparency, no doubt some users will use Social Media to complain about your credit union.  Don’t view this as negative; most people are soothed just knowing that someone is listening. If you work to resolve their issue, they will be satisfied – and the outside audience will be impressed with your customer care.

Social media

Social Media as a Communication Tool

Your online efforts should support your offline customer service programs. Think of Social Media as more of a communication tool, instead of a marketing tool. If you make it easy for your members to give you feedback, you’ll get it.

For example, what if you put up a sign in your branch lobby that says, “Did you have a good service experience today? Tell us about it on our Facebook page, or Tweet us @CreditUnionName. If you didn’t have a good experience, we want to hear about that too – our goal is to make you happy!”

Can you think of a better ROI than direct feedback from your members?

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