A Content Management System (CMS) for Credit Unions

If you’re considering a professional website redesign for your credit union, and exploring your options when it comes to features, a term you’ve no doubt come across is Content Management System (CMS). This feature is useful because it allows you to update the site’s content when you want to.

A CMS is the back-end editor for your website. It gives you control over your content, and allows you to easily make updates to your site, in real time.  If you need to change the way something is worded, you can log in and change it without having to call your web developer.  No more waiting on anyone, even your internal IT department, to update your content.

What Makes Our CMS Different?

Posting Module in our Credit Union CMSOur proprietary Credit Union CMS was developed specifically for credit union websites.  It allows you to create new pages, edit content and upload PDF files. Our CU-CMS also allows for an unlimited number of authorized users, each with specific levels of authorization – so each department can manage their own information.

  1. Do you need to alert your members that your office is closed for a snow day?  You can log in from home to post the message front and center on your site.   
  1. Are you running a week-long promotion?  You can schedule in advance the date the information appears on your page, and which day it will be automatically removed.
  1. Rate Updates made easy. We have developed modules specifically for credit unions to make these changes a snap.  You can also update staff bios, post events in a calendar, add news and blog postings, FAQs and more.

Our CU-CMS is extremely intuitive, making it easy for even those with no knowledge of website coding to use. It even archives previous versions of updated pages and postings should you need to revert back to an earlier version –ensuring your credit union proof of compliance.

The built-in search engine optimization (SEO) feature creates page titles and meta data for you, so search engines are able to correctly index your website’s pages.  Now you can spend your time focusing on creating content, rather than coding a bunch of complicated features

But don’t just take our word for it – let us schedule a live demo for you. See for yourself how our CU-CMS can help you take control of your site and use it as a powerful member communications tool. 

Click here or call 610-326-8177 to schedule a demonstration of our Credit Union CMS.

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