Design With Less – to Engage More

What’s your favorite search engine?

If you answered Google, you (and over 68% of the market) are probably drawn in by its clean looks, simplicity in design, and obvious call to action.

Google web designers made a conscious decision to include only the features that people need to accomplish their goals, with perhaps a little fun thrown in now and again.

"Focus on the user and all else will follow.”   One of Google's core principles

Now let’s compare this to your credit union’s site.

When a visitor views your home page, is it obvious where they need to go to accomplish their goals, or are they overwhelmed with information?

By loading your home page with articles, graphics and text, you can overwhelm your visitors and cause them to become confused and disinterested.  And though you may have lots of great information to share, if it's all thrown at the visitor at once, they're likely to abandon your page to find another that is more organized and visually pleasing. 

A good website design will make the visitor feel like they can breathe inside of it. Their eyes flow easily from one area to the next without being distracted. This results in more time spent perusing your site -- and more time spent reading about what you have to offer. 

Take notice when you are browsing the web.  What types of sites appeal to you, and why?

Take a look at some sites we've designed for other credit unions.  Then request a free evaluation of your credit union's site - for suggestions on how to make your site more engaging.

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