What’s on Your Website Wish List?

Every credit union has a website wish list. Most likely your website could stand to be updated more often, and sure, you’d like it to generate more business for your credit union. But if you’ve ever felt a bit anxious when giving out your credit union's website address, or have made excuses while directing a member to your site, you’ve experienced WEBSITE SHAME.

Website Shame happens when you find yourself wishing that your site could:

  • Communicate & engage more with more members
  • Increase applications for products such as loans or credit cards
  • Be updated simpler and more often
  • Make banking on a mobile device easier
  • Be found more often in search engines (SEO)

If your credit union’s website isn’t working FOR you, it’s working AGAINST you. Ignoring this problem won’t make it better; it happens most often for 2 reasons: you’re not sure where to begin or you think it will cost more than your credit union can afford.

The good news is that it may not be as big a deal as you think to get back on track. Sometimes just a few changes can make all the difference. For instance, the most common website member experience issues are fairly easy fixes:

  • Are website visitors able to tell immediately what SEG or community you serve, and if they’re eligible for membership?
  • Can members get information such as current rates, branch hours, phone numbers and products & services you provide -- from any device?
  • What percentage of loan applications are abandoned midstream? Could your application process be more streamlined?

However, if it’s been over three years since your last website redesign, you may need more help. Your site might not be compliant with modern web standards, and your content is most likely stale. Do your pages contain expired promotions? “News” from eight months ago? A blog that hasn’t been updated in a year? And when is the last time you reviewed your site for regulatory compliance issues?

The first step to a great website is to explore the possibilities. Contact us at CreditUnionWebDesign.com to start the conversation. We’ll let you know what changes we recommend to enhance your site (most likely the same things that are bugging you), and help you prioritize what can be done - within your budget. Through our partnership with PolicyWorks, you will receive a Website Compliance Review to ensure your website is in compliance with laws and regulations.

Lena Kennedy

About the authorLena Kennedy

Lalena Kennedy is a social media strategist who loves helping credit unions take the first steps to a strong web presence and providing them with long term solutions to engaging with members. When offline, Lalena can be found playing legos with her two sons, enjoying wine and chocolate with her husband & friends or anywhere with live music.

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